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Have you moved? Changed employers? Separated from service? Retired?

If you’ve moved, make sure we have your current contact information. Log in and click My Profile to check and update your mailing address and other important information.


If you’ve changed employers, separated from service, or retired, give us a quick call at 1-888-711-9182 to make sure we have your separation date on file. This is particularly important if your health reimbursement arrangement (HRA) is claims eligible. We need your separation date to help protect your account from Medicare coordination. If your HRA provides only post-separation claims eligibility, reporting your separation date may help us update your claims eligibility so you can start using your HRA.


Do you have a post-separation (retiree-only) HRA? Have you been rehired?

If you have: (1) separated from service or retired; (2) become re-employed by the employer who set up your HRA; and (3) have a post-separation (retiree-only) HRA, remember that your HRA coverage will once again be limited to dental, vision, and qualified long-term care expenses and premiums during your period of re-employment. You may still file claims for all qualified medical expenses incurred prior to re-employment while your HRA was fully claims eligible. Your HRA may once again provide full coverage after your re-employment ends.


Email and fax have been replaced by online secure messaging.

Online secure messaging has now fully replaced email and fax. This change was a necessary security enhancement due to increasing cybersecurity threats. Secure messaging is similar to email, except all messages and replies stay better protected within our system’s firewalls. All you have to do is log in, click the envelope icon, choose your topic, and type your message or question. You can even include attachments like regular email.


We have a new mailing address for paper mail.

A new digital mailroom in Clinton, Iowa is now processing all incoming mail. Effective immediately, if you need to mail paper forms or other documents to us, please begin using the Plan’s new mailing address:


Indiana HRA Plan

PO Box 4389

Clinton, IA 52733-4389


Please note the following: (1) Mail received at the old PO Box in Seattle will be automatically forwarded for a specified time period; (2) The lockbox address in Spokane for claim and debit card transaction repayments is not changing; and (3) All forms have been updated and are available online. Log in and click Resources. Please update your paper and/or computer files with the updated forms, or log in and use our online services instead of paper.


The annual Medicare Part D Notice is available.

This is a required annual notice about prescription drug coverage provided by the Indiana HRA Plan and Medicare Part D. Please read it carefully, and keep it on file for future reference. To review online, log in and click Resources, or contact our Customer Care Center to request a paper copy.


A Summary of Benefits and Coverage is available for HRA plans with in-service benefits.

FOR IN-SERVICE HRA PLANS ONLY:  We’re required to make a Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) available annually. The purpose of the SBC is to help consumers compare group health plan (insurance) benefits. While your HRA is a group health plan, it is not insurance. You’ll notice that some of the information and defined terms in the SBC are not applicable to your HRA coverage. To review online, log in and click Resources, or contact our Customer Care Center to request paper a copy.

Important Notices
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